Reviews and frequently asked questions about PirateProxyFree

PirateProxyFree is a website proxy provider that can make your web browsing experience safer and more secure. This service can mask your IP address, making you anonymous to anyone who checks the visitor’s profiles.

Through the years of service providing, PirateProxyFree has received a lot of positive feedback and questions from its customers. These help the company improve their services and assist potential customers to know more about them. With that said, here are the frequently asked questions and reviews about PirateProxyFree:

Frequently asked questions

What does a website proxy do?

A website proxy masks your IP address so that you are protected from the hackers that can hack your computer. Aside from that, it can mask your private information, which helps prevent yourself as a target for online phishing attacks.

Do I need a website proxy?

You should use a website proxy, especially if safety is your number one concern. With this, you do not have to worry about your data being stolen or viruses entering your computer system.

Should I always use a website proxy?

Only use a website proxy when needed. This is perfect for situations where you visit sketchy websites where you need to download files that you for work or studying. However, the best option for this is to choose a reputable website that you believe is safe to use. 

Can I visit different websites with a website proxy?

Yes! A website proxy lets you visit multiple websites that you can enjoy.


‘I always torrent movies, games and other computer applications. I visit different websites just so that I can score a torrent file with a high seeder count. Sadly, some torrent websites are blocked from my country, which makes it hard for me to find the files that I want. When I found PirateProxyFree, my whole browsing experience changed! I can finally check other torrent websites easily and safely.’ – Jack Mallow

‘I found out later that nobody is safe on the internet because anyone can easily get your data. This completely freaked me out since I do not have any means of protecting myself from vicious users. When I confided to my friends about my problems, they recommended that I check PirateProxyFree. I immediately subscribed to their services when my friends told me about the anonymous browsing feature it offers.’ – Alex Baccarat

‘You should subscribe to PirateProxyFree! This can guarantee anonymous web browsing, which prevents numerous people from seeing your online data. Aside from that, your web browsing habits will not be tracked and be used as a basis to scam or phish you. Ever since I subscribed to this, the amount of scams I receive per day has dwindled!’ – Mary May

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