VPN 101: How does it work?

VPN 101: How does it work?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure private network connection that is used when browsing. VPN is used to hide your IP address and safeguard your data whenever you’re browsing the internet. VPN can also be used to bypass restrictions, content blocks, and censorship.

How does it work?

A VPN can bypass almost all internet restrictions with the use of encryption protocols to direct the internet by the use of an encrypted tunnel. This encrypted tunnel is a virtual private network that sends data that prevents 3rd party intrusion.

If you don’t have VPN, your internet traffic will be exposed to the internet service provider (ISP). Examples of these include advertisers, other people on your network and the government. That is why VPN is a vital part of internet browsing to boost the security of your privacy and online security. 

VPN encryption

VPN encryption is the method of using data encryption to give a secure tunnel for your date to securely travel through. The best thing about using VPN is that the VPN server and the device you’re using can read your data and unscramble it. 

VPN protocols

The set of rules that make the connection between the VPN’s servers and your device are called VPN protocol. Each of these protocols is a combination of transmission and encryption processes. You can always set your VPN in the settings of your VPN app. 

Benefits of using VPN

Not only can VPN bypass most internet restrictions, but it can also offer other benefits for its users. Check some of them below:

Security on public wifi

The convenience of public Wi-Fi comes at the cost of security. You won’t know if someone is monitoring your online activities when you’re at a coffee shop answering emails or mindlessly looking through social media at the airport.

The use of a VPN secures your personal information when you are connected to a public network. It also safeguards your browser history and even bank account passwords

Online shopping

For instance, you want to order something from your preferred online shop. Unfortunately, they are out of stock and you can only buy the product from another country. 

With VPN, you can now shop from various online shops. Although you are still using a VPN to shop online, you can still use your home bank account or payment card to ship to your home address.

Download anonymously 

Torrents or peer-to-peer downloads are becoming more popular. BitTorrent downloads are tracked by monitoring systems called torrent trackers, which over time can gather a wealth of information on their users. Since IP addresses are the basis for this form of data collecting, the simplest and most effective way to avoid any concerns is to use a torrenting VPN.

Data privacy from the apps and services 

Our favourite apps and online services, including the likes of Facebook, have been criticised for how they’ve used their customers’ data. To prevent apps’ data gathering processes, you can use a VPN.

Apps and websites won’t be able to link your actions to your computer’s IP address if you use VPN. Not only that, but it also can restrict the gathering of your browsing history and location.For more about the use of VPN and other relevant information, browse our site PirateProxyFree.

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