Pirate Proxy is Legal?

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Pirate Proxy is Legal?

May 10, 2020 Blog 0
Pirate Proxy is Legal

Pirate proxy is one hundred percent legal. However, this is banned in lots of countries. If you stay in countries not supported, you access it using a pirate proxy. Once you access it in such countries, it is illegal. You are not allowed to watch the site in such countries.

In most countries accessing the website is not an offense. Restrict the site use to watching of music and movies. If you do, you do not violate any law. Where it becomes illegal is where you download and distribute them. The distribution is not allowed because it goes against the copyright laws. Before you can distribute such products, first get permission from the copyright holder. If you fail to do so, chances are that you can be sued and you can find yourself in trouble if found guilty.

copyright & illegality

Many people do not see the Pirate Bay and the proxies in a good light. They see the platform as promoting illegality. They abet download and distribution of copyrighted content.

All these depend on the country. You must study copyright laws in your country before you use this website. If your aim is just to watch the movies and music, you may not be in trouble. However, where you decide to download and distribute, then you go against the law.

Many people are getting sued not because they watched Pirate Bay but because they download content and distribute them. It is not illegal in using the site and searches the database. If you watch the content only, then there is no problem. Before you use it, you must know the laws governing peer to peer file sharing and this is the area many people get into trouble. Sharing copyrighted content is not allowed in most countries of the world especially the USA and UK. If you live in countries where these laws are strictly enforced then you must be very careful.

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