How to Unblock Website Using working Tricks

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How to Unblock Website Using working Tricks

May 6, 2020 Blog 0
How to Unblock Website Using working Tricks

We know that you are here because your Internet Service Provider blocks your website which you want to visit. But now don’t worry, in this article, you will learn how to how to unblock Website using our 100% working and tested tricks. So, get ready to learn it. Also, you can unblock all the PIRATE BAY PROXY LIST.

Here are 3 Different Method to Unblock it.

Below you can learn the fully working way’s to unblock the blocked website. So, get ready to learn it by reading the complete article.

TOR Browser:

TOR Browser review by pirate proxy

One of the most power full way to block the block site is TOR, It is a very easy and quick method to access the blocked site such as pirate and many other sites. Everyone can do this job very easily. Even a very beginner can handle it lightly, But it not a recommended method. Because of its slow speed and using CPU is very high. so, you choose this method, make sure you have high-speed internet and high specifications machine. Otherwise use the alternative method below we share.


  • Unlock any site you want.
  • Very High Security, it means no one can track you.
  • Very easy method a beginner can do this job very easily.
  • Hide your IP with more than 7 layers.


  1. Low speed
  2. Need a high-speed internet connection.
  3. You need a heavy PC.

Unblock Via VPN

VPN- pirate proxy

Our suggested second method is VPN. It is the best method to unblock the site. Which give you direct access to your desire site. But if you need a high speed then you must buy the premium pack. Free VPN may bee slow are not high your personal information. So, here I recommend you to put the premium plane get high speed and fully secure VPN. This is also a very easy and quick way to unblock the proxy site such as pirate proxy and other all.

What you need to do to Unblock the site using VPN?

You need to buy the VPN and install into your device. Just click on the connect/Hide IP button and don. Now you are fully secure.

Get VPN Now for FREE!


  • Highly secure method.
  • Very easy to stop your tracking.
  • Everyone can do that very easily.
  • Give you high-speed if you buy it.


  • You need to buy it you want to high speed.
  • Need software installation.
Pirate Proxy- list mothod

Proxy servers/Pirate Proxy List

if you want to unblock the pirate site only, then you need to visit Pirate Bay Proxy. It is also a very easy method to unblock the pirate proxy site using a single site. So, if you want to unblock the site, just visit our home page and select the high-speed proxies. Put your search into the search bar and press the enter.


  • Totally free method.
  • Unblock the pirate proxy site.


  • Not hide your IP.
  • ISP Can easily track you just in a seconds.
  • Not fully secure.

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