How To Download From Pirate Proxy

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How To Download From Pirate Proxy

May 7, 2020 Blog 0

We know that it is Pirate Proxy is a one of the most popular torrent site today. So, it allow you to download, upload and manage the torrents files. Also, it is a smart way to share your file. If you want to download the torrent files for Pirate bay Proxy. Fist you need to get pirate proxy sites. Because, we know that is block now a days. So, We provide you to fully working and tested high speed list. Finally, below you can learn How To Download From Pirate Proxy.

How To Download From Pirate Proxy

Here is a step by step guidelines to Unblock it:

Step 1:

Fist of all, you will need a pirate proxy sites, if you do not know were to get it, just visit our home page, here you can get (the pirate proxy) fully working and high speed list. It is the only place were you can get the daily update and tested list.

Step 1-pirate proxy sites

Step 2:

When you open our home page you will the a big pirate proxy list, which is already tested by our admin. Just you need to click on it.

Step 3:

In a new tab, Pirate Proxy, will open, and you will the unblocked version. So, in the search bar put your text which you want to download and hit the enter. Now you will see lot of search result, just click on which you like.

Step 4:

After that you will see the GET THIS TORRENT button, click on it. After few second torrent file will download. Now you need a U torrent software, if you do not have torrent download manager click here to download it. Hope this way solve your problem “how to Download From Pirate Proxy”

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